Your Doll

Dress me up
Just like one of your dolls
Make my bra a push-up
Put my photo on the walls

Be sure that I look pretty
Make-up all perfect
Tell me to trim my kitty
And my waste restrict

Wait for you outside the bar
For if a guy hits on me
Then I must have gone to far
And asked him to touch my knee

I must look pretty
So so pretty and new
But if I seem flirty
Then I don’t love you

I didn’t look at him
But he smiled at me
Now I’m a vixen
And far to gutsy

The bruises don’t show
On my arms or face
I must have a new beau
Because my panties are lace

At night I get scared
That I won’t sleep alone
It’s always worse than I feared
When you make me your throne

Death stands at the door
I dare not dream of running
You throw me to the floor
Then make me look stunning

Dress me up now
I am your doll
Wax my brows
I hope I am recalled


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