Life Will Be Once More

But somehow I know

That though things are not at all

We feel inside the power

To be all that we are


And when the sun reigns down on us

We feel alive once more

And in the beams of the moon

We choose to continue on


And so the story goes

That when we know no more

That life will continue

Though we may know so little


And in the end

When beauty comes

All will be restored to what has been


And the light of day will shine no more

We will be lost in the wilderness of our hearts


Life gives no care

It carries on whether we are here or gone


But so shall we dance nonetheless

And so shall we live though life does not us want


So shall we say in earnest

That life is beautiful

That life is beautiful no more

And once again that life is beautiful


And when the sun shines no more

We shall make our own light


And through us

Life will be once more


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