This world we live in is so far from being perfect. And yet, perfection is seemingly what most people strive for. We try to become what we think the most ideal version of us is. But yet, perfection varies from person to person. Your idea of the perfection of life may seem like hell to me. And vice versa.

It seems to be a universal theme to tear one another down when they do not meet our idea of what perfection is. For who even came up with the idea of it all? Did one person want to make everyone bend to their will and so set forth a pattern? Or is it ingrained in us from the moment we are born?

Oh how bright and beautiful it all seems when we are young. And then as we grow, the reality that was made for us sets in. We force ourselves to fit in a mold that we hate. A mold that actually didn’t exist before we learned to be dissatisfied with how we were made. A mold that came into existence when we thought we had to be a version of ourselves that was never meant to be.

And so this continues generation after generation. There are countless among the generations that push this idea of perfection. And yet, there are also the ones who realize that these ideas are never meant to be. These are the Truth Sayers of the world. They encourage us to look within ourselves and help us understand that we are just right the way we are. We are ever growing and ever changing. But who we are at this moment, who we are 10 years from now, who we had been when we took our first breath, these are all the ideal us. And that is the concept that we must learn to love. For if we do not love ourselves, how can we ever achieve anything in this world?

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